Our vision is to graduate students who can

  1. read, write, speak and listen with precision and clarity
  2. prioritize and organize tasks to meet a goal or affect an outcome
  3.  identify, analyze and utilize resources to complete a task
  4. evaluate information and information sources for relevance and credibility
  5. form and explain conclusions based on evidence
  6. apply learning strategies to new experiences

These skills support the critical competencies requisite to a successful life

Personal competencies:
  • to know their interests, strengths and limitations
  • to recognize and anticipate outcomes for their actions
  • to have the tools to maintain personal health and wellness
  • to plan, set and pursue personal goals in work, family and finances
  • to cope strategically with new responsibilities
  • to think critically and rationally to solve problems
Social competencies:
  • to engage with diverse perspectives and forge common ground
  • to contribute to their community
  • to meet their civic obligations
  • to form and maintain healthy relationships
  • to ask for help
  • to practice responsible stewardship of resources
  • to lead