We offer free and reduced meals but you must apply. Applications  are found in your registration packet or can be picked up at the office.
For more information contact: District Office 815-537-5101

Meal Prices



 K-5: $1.95

 K-5: $2.50

 6-8: $2.20

 6-8: $2.60

 9-12: $2.20

 9-12: $2.60

 Staff: $2.65

 Staff: $3.05

Reduced Meal Prices



 K-5:  $.30

 K-5:  $.40

 6-8:  $.30

 6-8:  $.40

 9-12:  $.30

 9-12:  $.40

Breakfast is served with fruit, juice, and milk. Cereal is offered every Tuesday and Wednesday with the meal. If you order an extra entrée you must have enough money in your account.

PLTMS/HS: Deli and Salads are offered most days. They are pre-made and must be ordered when lunch count is taken. If ordered, you must take them. you will be charged. Menu items are subject to change.