• Counseling Services

    The 6-12 Campus Counseling Program is designed to focus on improving school climate and increasing academic performance. Services are provided through individual counseling, group counseling, and classroom lessons and activities.

    What Services Are Offered?

    Students may see the counselor for small group and individual counseling to assist the students with a variety of concerns, including:

    • Academic Improvement
    • Friendship
    • Problem Solving
    • Family Issues
    • Divorce
    • Grief and Loss
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Future Planning
    • Emotional Concerns
    How Does A Student See The Counselor?
    • Students can see the counselor in any of the following ways:
    • Self-referral - Please emailcall or visit the counselor
    • Parent referral - Please emailcall or visit the counselor
    • Request of the counselor
    • Teacher or staff referral
    • Administrative referral
    • Referral by friends

    The Middle School administers a variety of assessments throughout the school year to assess student progress. A current description of each and the dates of administration are available by clicking here.

    Transitioning to Middle School

    The transition from Tampico Elementary School to the Middle School begins in April when the 6-12 Campus Counselor visits each of the fifth-grade classrooms to present transition information. During this time, information is presented through a Powerpoint presentation and classroom activities. Students also have the opportunity to ask questions about Middle School.

    6-12 Campus Visit

    In May the fifth-grade students visit 6-12 Campus for the afternoon. During the visit, various staff members speak about "What to Expect at Middle School" and "How To Be Successful in Middle School." After the staff members speak, the students get a tour of the building from current students so they get a better feel for what to expect when they come to sixth grade. Students also have the opportunity to meet their the sixth-grade teachers and visit a classroom while class is taking place.

    Sixth-Grade Orientation

    In August, prior to school starting, the 6-12 Campus hosts a sixth-grade orientation Night for students and their parents. At orientation, the 6-12 Campus principal speaks to the students and parents in the gym about middle school. The students are given their schedule, locker numbers and locker combinations. The students and their parents then have the opportunity to explore the 6-12 Campus to practice following their schedules, opening their padlocks, and placing their school items in their locker. The teachers are also in their classrooms during the orientation to allow parents and students to meet the teachers and ask any questions that they may have. During this orientation, the school office is also open for any registration or scheduling questions.

    High School Course Guide

    A current Course Guide is available on Google Drive. You can review this guide for graduation requirements, course planning, grading scale, college prep information and course descriptions.

    Dual Credit & Technical Training

    High School students have the opportunity to earn college credit through Sauk Valley Community College (SVCC). Juniors and seniors also have the option of attending the Whiteside Area Career Center (WACC); it is one of 25 area career centers in Illinois providing technical training in the areas of Business and Related Technology, Consumer Service, Industrial Technology, Transportation Services and Work Experience Cooperative Education. Through a program with SVCC, students can go to WACC and receive up to 21 dual credits. Through an articulation agreement between High School and SVCC students can earn credits at SVCC in business and computer classes offered at WACC.

    College Planning

    Visit our Scholarships folder in Google Drive for information on a number of college scholarships. We also have made available a list of helpful websites for college planning. Here are also some of the more popular search engines for scholarships. For more information on finding scholarship opportunities or planning for college, contact the counselor's office.

    Completing The FAFSA

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the application used to apply for federal and some state and institutional student aid, becomes available on October 1 of the calendar year before the student plans to attend college. Check isac.org for more information on completing the FAFSA.

    Community Counseling Resources

    If you are in need of counseling outside the school district, click here for a current list of resources in the area.