• PES Counselor

    Students can be referred to the PES counselor for individual and/or group counseling by the teacher or parents. Questions are always welcome! A number of counseling services are available to the students at Prophestown Elementary School.

    Social Emotional Resources for Remote Learners
    Individual Counseling

    We provide a safe and confidential environment for students to discuss a wide range of social, emotional and academic concerns. Some topics that may be discussed includes friendship, anger management, classroom expectations, listening/following directions, social skills, organization and problem solving.

    Small-Group Counseling

    Two to four students who share similar issues or concerns can meet as a group with the counselor. Each session is about 20 minutes, and the groups cover a range of topics, such as anger management, social skills, classroom expectations and friendship.

    Classroom Guidance

    Each week, students are taught a lesson in their classroom. The lessons promote student social/ emotional growth. Units of three to four lessons each cover different topics throughout the school year. If you want to check out what the students are learning about this month, click here.

    Lunch Bunch

    The counselor eats lunch with three to four students from a certain grade each day. This gives the students and counselor a chance to get to know one another better and build rapport with one another!

    Helpful Apps to Use at Home

    Want some extra social/emotional resources to use with your child(ren) at home? Here are some apps that could be used for a variety of situations and concerns!

    • Stop, Breathe & Think Kids: Focus, Calm & Sleep by Stop, Breathe & Think - This app has a variety of calming mindfulness breathing exercise. This is perfect for students needing to calm and refocus. The exercises are around 5-8 minutes and also allow students to use emojis to track their feelings before and after.
    • Settle Your Glitter by Momentous Institute - This app leads students through mindful breathing exercises as the glitter settles and offers time for comparing strength of feelings before and after the exercise.
    • Breathing Bubbles by Momentous Institute - This is a great app to use with kids who worry. When the user selects worry as the current feeling, the app asks if the user would like to release a worry or receive a joy. Students can then practice calming breathing exercises.
    • iTouchiLearn Feelings for Preschool Kids Free by Staytoooned - This is a great app for young children who are learning to identify feelings. This app is also helpful for students who struggle to recognize facial expressions in others. Users are given a scenario and asked to select the emoticon that matches how the character is feeling.
    • Feelings - For Kids by BABYBUS - This educational game teaches children to recognize when they have a specific feeling. Children feel the same emotions as adults, but they often lack the self-control and language skills to express their feelings. This app helps them realize solving problems is easy and fun.
    • Q Wunder - This app is great for Pre-K and Kindergarten students! Students play with a genius monkey, Q, to learn life skills, such as using manners, and promote emotional intelligence. You can customize the content in Q's world to suit student needs. There is a subscription that opens more content if you like the app!
    • Social Skills Play ($2.99) - This is a fun social skills play app designed to help your child to interact and communicate appropriately with other children.
    • Peppy Pals Farm - Friendship Adventure - This app features four quirky animal friends on exciting adventures and learning about emotions and friendship. This game is a fun way to nurture a child?s emotional intelligence.

    Community Counseling Resources

    If you are in need of counseling outside the school district, click here for a current list of resources in the area.